Thinking at a glance:

Many of us get surprised when we see our leaders. We admire them and their qualities but what is the thing that makes them unique and different? In this article, the force behind successful leaders is described.

Read this article thoroughly to get knowledge about the mindset that makes the leaders unique.

Thinking of Successful Leaders:

Leaders are very unique people. They have a common difference and that is they think differently . Leaders do not think like followers. Leaders used to be followers, all of them.

But what has made them like this? I normally call that attitude, those influence people.

Spirit of Leadership:

If you want to be an influencer , you have to adopt certain types of thinking that change the way you see yourself and see the world. I call this the spirit of leadership.

Now there are only two animals on the planet that the creator identified him with. I want you to write them down. And getting through the Bible I was shocked to find that there are two animals that the Creator identified him with. The first one is the Eagle and then the second animal is the lion. And the lion has the spirit of leadership. And hereby when I use this word spirit, it is referring to attitude.

Power of Attitude:

A leader has a powerful attitude, an attitude that makes him or her different from followers. And the lion exhibits that attitude. We have to exhibit the same attitude that the lion has. And the lion has been given the same attitude that God himself identifies with. And he put it in these creatures and apparently you and I are supposed to be the king, of the animal kingdom. Obviously we somewhere we have trapped on  inside these same potential attitudes.

The  saddest things that is discovered by me which is you need a tombstone. People who are successful don’t need tombstones. The reason why we need tombstones is that we were so useless on earth that whatever they planted us they have to mark the spot, to remind us that they used to be here.

I want to challenge all of you from this day forward to live in such a way from this point on that you wouldn’t need a tombstone.

Think about it!

What is the wealthiest spot on earth? It’s the cemetery. And why cemetery is wealthiest spot in world?  Because in the cemetery there are books buried that were never written. In the cemetery is buried music that was never played. The graveyard is filled with businesses that were never opened. There are Ideas and visions that never became a reality. What a wealthy place. A graveyard is a rich place because in the graveyard there are buried several great men who died as an alcoholic. An awesome woman who died as a prostitute. Because people took the treasure to the cemetery.

Many of you are carrying books that you’ve not written. Music that you’ve not written. Businesses that you have not opened. Magazine’s you have not published. Every day that passes, you are getting closer to the cemetery. God sent you with an assignment to fulfill.

Don’t let the cemetery get all your treasure and let you die empty.

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