Are you looking to open a YouTube channel and earn money ? you are at right place. In this article I will share interesting facts with you I will tell you how you can start making interesting videos and making a unique channel . Please read the all thoroughly so you can understand better. 

Well first look at statistics about YouTube.

  • There are 31 Million active channels on YouTube.
  • 2 Billion Monthly active User
  • 30 Million daily active user
  • Average viewing Session is 40 minutes
  • 5 Billion videos are watched every day

Well you might have got surprised like me. We can guess YouTube is becoming one of the most popular media , now people everyday watch news , Sports , Drama, Movies and other things online on YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google and it become part of Google in 2005

Now I am going to tell you how you can make it possible.  Please read every step carefully .

1Think About  Unique Idea

First of all you should know about what type of your channel will be. Think about unique and creative ideas. People like interesting and unique things. So topic of your channel should be unique ,interesting and creative . Before making a channel ask yourself why i am going to do this . Why someone will like my channel. 

2Make a Channel 

Once you are clear about your channel topic now its time to make impact. If you don’t know how to create a YouTube Channel there are a lot of videos on YouTube and blogs which will teach you how you can make a YouTube Channel . Pick a unique and relevant name of your channel. 

3Don’t Worry about like and Subscribers 

If you are not getting enough like and subscribers in the start don’t need to worry , it happens with everyone. Rome was not build in one day. Be patience . Just focus on your content and focus on creativity.  Once you start putting interesting stuff in your videos you will get likes, subscribers and views that you can’t even imagine. 

Before joining YouTube please read Youtube Program Policies. 

=> YouTube Program Policies

4Put High-Quality Content and Original 

One thing YouTube loves is original and High-Quality content . Never every try to copy videos from other sources. And don’t try to be too smart .YouTube knows everything .  Its not allowed to plagiarize material from other sources otherwise it could lead to suspension to your Channel. 


Search engine optimization (SEO) the way how YouTube ranks your video. So try to share videos on social media,put description to your channel and choose relevant keywords to your title and description. 

6Do something Unique and Interesting

Audience don’t like to watch same video again and again. Make new original unique and interesting videos which should be liked by others. Don’t force  viewers to subscribe the channel , focus on high-quality you will get millions subscribers one day.

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7Start Monetizing 

once you have 1000 subscribers and your watch time 14000 , you have fulfill the criteria. Now you can start earning by putting ads on your website. Don’t worry YouTube will do it for you. You will get paid for Ads impression and when someone will click on your ad. Please check YouTube monetization policy here

=> YouTube Monetization Policy

8Advertising Products 

You can also sell products through your YouTube channel , like on amazon. It’s called Amazon Affiliation. Put their product link in your description and if someone will buy product through your link you will get paid

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Everything seems difficult and hard in the beginning. Even time will come you will think about giving up .But never give up .Your day will come. Just focus on your goals . I hope you discovered this article interesting and helpful .Wish you best of luck for your YouTube Journey. 

Please ask any question if you have. Also give your feedback in comment section.  




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