Are you looking to start Amazon affiliates or Amazon associates but have no guidance or don’t know how to start. Well don’t worry in this article I will provide you complete guidance about how it works and how you can boost up and you can earn money with amazon Affiliates . Before move to depth first let us understand with is Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Associates

” Amazon Associate program, or Amazon Affiliates , is a marketing program.  It’s free for  those who have websites , apps ,blogs , or Facebook page or have YouTube channel to become Amazon Associates. They advertise amazon  products from on their site or channel by creating links. When some  customers click the links and buy any from products from Amazon, then they earn referral fees”

Now you might have an idea about amazon affiliates it is actually a marketing program and you have to advertise their products.  When someone buy any product through you channel or link you will get paid for that. Every product category has it own commission percentage .For some product you get paid high and for some you get paid low. Now let me tell you how will you do it and what are step that involves in this process . Please read each every step thoroughly so you can understand it better.

1Make Amazon Account

First of all you have to make amazon account and then after making account you have to join Amazon as Amazon Affiliates . They will guide you how to make account and that’s not a difficult process at all. Please give your information correctly otherwise that can make trouble for you.

2Amazon Policy Guidelines

Many people make mistake. They just join amazon affiliate and they don’t actually read their policies. I recommend you to please read their Program policies so you can know it better.

=> Amazon Affiliates Program Policies 

Once you have understand their policy program it will be easier for you to work with them.

3Get Links

Once you have started the work now its time to move ahead. Get product of any link from their and you i will completely guide to you like how you can copy those links and how it will actually work.Make sure one thing before putting link on your website or Page or channel register that website or YouTube in Amazon affiliates program so they can understand it’s your blog or channel.

You can put links on following.

4Website or Blog

Amazon affiliates is very easy to use. You just have to copy the link of their product and you have to paste or put that link in your website. It will do the rest. Try to do SEO of your website so you can get organic traffic and also provide some description of your product so it can attract customers.

5YouTube Channel

Another way of advertising or marketing amazon products is through your YouTube channel . Just put the link in description box and if someone will buy any product from their you will get paid for that.

6Social Media

Another way of advertising their product through social media platform .You can share their links to your Facebook ,Twitter or Instagram page. If you have a huge audience you can sell their product on social media.


The more you advertise their product the more you get paid. You don’t paid for clicks actually but you get paid when someone buy that product. So work hard and never give up. Amazon will you once you have completed their threshold. Amazon threshold is 100$. There are many payment process and you can choose one of them.


I hope you discovered this article helpful and informative .Please don’t hesitate to ask question. We encourage you to ask question and we will glad to answer you. Nothing is impossible you just need to work hard and work sincerely with them you will shine. Thanks


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