It’s a quite difficult task to keep up to date with all of the latest technology as new gadgets are released all the time. So in this article, I am going to share with you a list of the TOp 3 latest Technology gadgets.

11. Doubletake:

Doubletake was released recently by a company named “next optic”. It is designed like binoculars. This product is winning several awards because it’s very easy to use plus it’s a very good addition in the innovation world. It has a cut edge design and it allows magnification with over ten times. Because of its powerful image processor the user can instantly view and manipulate the subject. Doubletake is powered by the black optic system and it allows it to focus up to focal length and excess of 500 millimeters and hence the user can see the images in 4K quality. It has an H2 processor so now you don’t need to buy expensive imaging equipment. You can view your images easily and without delays on the 5 inches LCD display. The best thing is that now you don’t need to carry lots of batteries packs as the system is completely rechargeable through its built-in batteries.


As it is a new product so the price is not yet announced. But soon this amazing product is going to reach the consumer market.

22. Ballie

Ballie is the new product of Samsung. A few days ago it was showcased at CES. It is another good addition in the line of Virtual Assistants. It has the shape of a ball which makes it stand out when compared to its competitors. According to Samsung they have worked very hard for the designing of the ball and to make it a product with which you could love to talk. However, the only problem narrated by the Samsung representative is that it is too inciting to the pets. Samsung has not revealed the exact feature of the Ballie but we are expecting it to be a heavy mode version of Google Assistant or Samsung’s assistant. It is incredibly lightweight VA and it’s in direct competition to Apple’s Siri integration.


The price of Ballie is also not yet revealed. However, it is expected to be retailed around 199 dollars.

33. August Smart Lock

The August Smart lock is claimed to be the best smart lock in the market. However recently updates and improvements are made in this product so that it may become even better. This product allows you to unlock your door remotely. You can check the door’s status with the help of this product. If you are out of your home and guests arrive then don’t panic because it will allow you to grant guests digital keys and then they can enter your home. You can even see who is coming and who is going from your home. So it provides you with security as well. You don’t need to leave your couch for opening the door because it provides you digitally assistant. The best part is that you don’t need Wi-Fi to connect to your network.


Its price is not yet revealed but it is going to hit the market soon.

So yes guys these were the top 3 best innovation of 2020. I hope you liked it. Don’t forget to tell us your views in the comment section. If there is any product which should be added then do tell us in the comment section given below.


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