Are you curious to know about Top Smartphone Companies? Nowadays everyone got a smartphone in his hand. According to research “There are 63 Million Smartphones were sold in 2019″. Because of comfortability and flexibility, everyone uses a smartphone. SO in this article, we will tell you Top 5 Smartphone Companies.


Huawei is the leading company in recent years. It is a Chinese Multinational Company which is growing rapidly in the market. Because of their reliability and smart features mostly people like to use Huawei smartphones. A few months ago, they had a conflict with the US government and now they are building their own Operating system before they were using the Android Operating System. Huawei is currently working and focusing on 5G.


Due to their Smart feature like incredible Camera, everyone likes OPPO smartphones. They are thin, lightweight, Slim with beautiful design. OPPO is also a Chinese Company which is located in Guangdong. It is also included in smartphones which were used in 2019. So do you want to buy OPPO? Don’t wait. Get a smartphone, capture the Moments and save the memories. Recently OPPO Launched a smartphone “OPPO A92S” which has.

Internal storage128GB


Samsung is all of the time leading, growing and adorable smartphones. Even it is used in every country. Samsung Smartphones have high demands because of their smart features, magnificent design and robustness. Samsung Smartphones have many series like A, s, Note, Galaxy and So on. I am sure you have used a Samsung smartphone once in life. Samsung also have other products like Laptops, Notebooks, and other accessories. Samsung Company is present in South Korea. Their Current Revenue is 211 USD Billions.


Vivo Smartphones are new trending and growing smartphones. Due to their amazing design, long hour battery timing, the cheap price they are being liked. VIVO is also a Chinese Company that is located in Dongguan. VIVO Smartphone has unique Camera and smart features which makes them different from other smartphones. If you are thinking to buy a new VIVO Smartphone don’t wait. Order now and get the latest VIVO Smartphone. According to Reports they were included in Top Selling Smartphones in 2019.


One of the most liked Smartphone company in the world. I think everyone knows better about iPhones. Due to their incredible design, unique operating system everyone likes to use the iPhone. Recently they released smartphones “iPhone XI” which was the second best-selling smartphone worldwide. Apple company was founded by Legendry “Steve Jobs”. This company is located in the US. iPhone Smartphones are used worldwide and they have high sales and demand because of their smart features. My Favorite smartphones are iPhone.


So, guys, I have shown you the list of Top 5 Smartphone companies with brief details. I hope you have enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to share your favorite smartphone in the Comment section below. I also write blogs about another topic like Making money, Economy, Business and Credit Cards. You will discover all articles helpful and interesting. So, I will catch you in the next article.



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