DO you know about Top 6 Smartphone Gadget . Well in this we will tell you top 6 Gadgets you must have. I hope you will find this article interesting and helpful. Start reading now.

1Muja touchpad:


So you may be wondering why you need this touchpad when you have a touchscreen on your smartphone already. Well, this touchpad is not for the front of your smartphone rather it goes into the back of your smartphone. If you want to install it then all you have to do is to press it into the back of your phone and that’s it. It has twenty sticky pads that allow it to hold them in the place. By applying it you are able to reach through the back of your smartphone to touch the front of the screen. Isn’t it amazing?


The price of the Muja Touchpad is $99.


Another amazing smartphone gadget that is really helpful is OYO. This gadget helps you to stop dropping your phone. Now you may be wondering how it will help you right. Basically, it has three parts one part sticks into the back of the phone the second part consists of the extendable string that connects to a wristband and it is very elastic as well. And the third part is the ring which can be connected for further convenience.


The price of the OYO is just $19.



It’s quite tough to describe this product because it is slightly different. It is a collapsible robot and Bluetooth speaker at the same time. If you will see it your first impression would be that it looks really high quality. It is also very heavy and attention is given while it comes to the details of the product. If you ask my honest opinion then I have never seen a speaker like this. The product has LEDs in almost every corner. It has a 20-watt speaker which is not very loud and not the most powerful speaker but yes it is a bit visual.


The price of the Gravastar is approximately $150.

4Crack light:

This is my personal favorite product. And is so easy to carry it. Like you can carry it in a bag easily because it is very slim. But obviously just because it is slim it does not mean that it is not powerful. It is so powerful LED lamp and it is very helpful for the photographers. The best part is that it does not need any battery of its own because when it connects to the smartphone it uses the battery of the smartphone.


The price of this LED light is $30.


5Cleaning Pad:

This is a very unique kind of cleaning tool for the screen. Honestly, I have never seen this kind of screening tool before. It has a very high-quality leatherette finish at one side. Its handle is very convenient. It really does a very good job. I highly recommend it.


The price of this cleaning Pad is $8.


These pair of sunglasses is made on the basis of bone conduction technology. On the surface, it looks like just a standard pair of sunglasses or quite better than normal sunglasses. I mean I am really inspired by it looks. It has a matte black finish on the frames which looks very unique. And the color of the lenses is also very beautiful. You have seen various audio products but these pair of glasses is a must-have for me.


The price of the Voxos is approximately $250.

So yes guys this is the list of my favorite smartphone gadgets. I hope you liked the content. It would mean a lot if you would smash your views in the comment section with us. I will catch you in the next article.



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