Do you know that the majority of the students choose a business in America? But what is the reason behind this?

The reason behind this is the high wages of business-related occupations than other occupations.

According to an analysis report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the wages of occupations that are related to the business are higher than wages given to other occupation workers.

In this article, I have explained top-paying jobs for business degree holders

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics keep in mind the number of hours worked and the cost of living will impact how far your paycheck will go.

Business operations category:

This section deals with the jobs which are relevant to the daily or routine based activities for running a business.

Business operation category Median Salary
Management analysts Eighty-one thousand three hundred and twenty.
Market research analyst Sixty-two thousand one hundred and fifty.
Compliance officers Sixty-five thousand six hundred and forty.
purchasing agents Sixty-two thousand two hundred and twenty.
compensation benefits and job analysis specialist sixty thousand eight hundred and fifty
claims adjusters appraisers examiner’s and investigators Sixty-three thousand sixty

The financial category:

This category records the track of money throughout each department of a company.

Financial Category Median Salary
Personal finance advisers eighty-nine thousand one hundred and sixty
Financial analysts Eighty thousand three hundred and ten
financial examiners seventy-eight thousand ten
Credit analyst sixty-nine thousand six hundred eighty
accountants and auditors Sixty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety
Insurance underwriters Sixty-five thousand forty
Budget Analyst seventy-one thousand five hundred ninety

Management category:

This category deals with decision making within a business.

Marketing, Human Resources etc. chief executives One hundred seventy five thousand one hundred ten
Computer and information systems managers one hundred thirty-one thousand six hundred
Financial managers One hundred seventeen thousand nine ninety
Human resource managers one hundred four thousand four hundred and forty
Marketing and sales managers One hundred nineteen thousand two eighty
Purchasing managers One hundred eight thousand one hundred and twenty
Medical health services managers unions Ninety four thousands five hundred
Financial services sales agents seventy one thousand five fifty
Real estate brokers fifty six thousand eight sixty
Sales Engineers ninety seven thousand six fifty
First line supervisors of non-retail sales workers seventy two thousand three hundred
Sales representatives wholesale and manufacturing fifty nine thousand eighty
Insurance sales agents forty eight thousand two hundred
Sales representatives services fifty one thousand seven hundred
Management Category Median Salary

Last but not the least here are a variety of other top-paying jobs which are related to business:

Other business Category Median Salary
business actuaries ninety-seven thousand seventy
Economists ninety-nine thousand one-eighty
Operations Research Analyst seventy-eight thousand six thirty
Statistician eighty thousand one hundred and ten
Public relations specialists Fifty six thousands seven seventy

For more information, you can visit the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

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