Now days, due to quarantine everyone Is searching for online jobs, because after the pandemic all the industries, business are just shut down. Recently Google Search shows that people are searching for online jobs, so they can earn some money while working at home. So in this article we will share the top Skills to learn for Freelancing, so you can boost up your skills and make some progress.  You can work online on marketplace Like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour etc . All you need is just some skills, effective communication and how it works.

1Graphics Designing

Graphics designing is one of the most rising field. According to CEO of Fiverr “Graphics Designing is on the top of buying services”. That means there is huge and massive demand for graphics designer. Graphics designing is about art, photo editing, video editing, logon designing, banner design and so on.  If you are interested and have some passion for this field, don’t wait for the opportunity to knock the door built the door. You just need creative ideas, things that attracts your customers. You can get free tools like Adobe, Illustrator and  Coral Draw to practice these things and learn some skills. Also you can get a lot of YouTube Courses.

2Web Designing and Web Development

                                                                   That is my favorite and interesting field. I am excited to share with you with that most people are focusing on Online Business; they create websites to avail digital services. Web Designing is something about creating elegant design websites, blogs.If you are not familiar with coding don’t panic. Now we have website builders like WordPress, Joomla. WordPress is mostly used Content management system and there are millions of websites are built on WordPress. You can start working on WordPress and its easy to learn, there are pre build template you just need to drag and drop them.

3Digital Marketing

                                  One of the top leading industry now days. Everyone is focusing on digital marketing. Due to incredible inventions in Technology, people loves to shop online, paying bills, online transactions. Many businesses are now moving towards digital marketing, they advertise through social media, YouTube and Google. Social media is the top source of digital marketing due to billions users every day.  You can learn Digital Marketing Skills like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, E-commerce Marketing, Email marketing etc. If you are interested to know more about it and learn some skills, please find some Course on YouTube. It will help you a lot.4

4 Writing

            That is also top demand skill. Many freelancers around the world offer writing services like Article Writing, Writing Resumes, Book writing, Proof reading, Cover Letters and so on. You just need to be a highly skilled in English because it is most commonly used language everywhere. You can learn how to write effective articles which attracts the reader and engage them in your words. You can offer these services on Platform like Fiverr Freelancer and upwrok.

5Video  And Animation

Everybody loves interesting funny, animated videos with some attractive sound effects. Everyone is advertising their business; they use videos to show about their business or products. Teacher and organization uses animated videos for educational purposes. There are billions videos on YouTube which keeps engaging the audience and they enjoy the videos. If you want to boost your skills in this field, you can learn about Video Editing, Animated Videos, Short Video Ads, Animated Gigs and so on. There are plenty of courses available on YouTube go and watch them. It will really help you.

Summing Up

                     So guys this was the  of top Skills for freelancing and earning money. I tried my best to explain everything in simple terms. If you are beginner and have no idea about it, you can ask me anything in comment box below. Start learning any skills today and do some work. If you can’t find job, don’t worry learn any skill and start working form your Home. Never give up, you will face many problems in your life in the journey of success, keep moving. One day this is going to pay you off. Thanks for reading the article. Please check out related articles as well


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