VISA and MasterCard are the two biggest names in credit cards. They do a lot of similar things but in what ways are they different? Let’s compare these two and find out the similarities and the differences.

Similarities of Visa and Master Cards:

Following are the similarities of Visa and MasterCard:
  1. Range of cards:


The Visa Malaysia issues a range of cards including the visa classic, Visa gold, visa platinum, visa signature, and Visa Infinite. All of which come with their own list of privileges and rewards.


Master card as standard, gold, platinum, world and world elite cards to make up their range of cards.

2.Customer Assistance:


Visa’s global customer assistance services provide 24 hours of multilingual assistance 365 days a year. They can help lock your account arrange for your placement cards and provide emergency cash.

Master Card:

MasterCard global service provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week coordinated services including emergency assistance.

3.Funds Transfer:


The visa personal Payment service lets you pay any beneficiary who did a Visa card in 17 countries 270 financial institutions via online banking, mobile or ATM.

Master Card:

Master Card version of the person to a person platform is called money sent. You can send money to your intended beneficiaries in as little as one to two days.

4.Secure Online Payment:


Verified by Visa, free to register service that provides an additional layer of security for your online shopping. Either thorough password or value Unicode sent via text message.

Master Card:

MasterCard offers online shopping security through secure code. The private code that provides added protection for online shopping. Every transaction is independently approved in real-time.

This is how they are different:

  1. Contactless Payment:

The Visa Pay wave allows you to pay by simply waving your Paywave enabled card in front of the plane, Waverly.

Mater Card:

MasterCard offers a pin pass. a contactless payment service that enables easy payments. Currently, MasterCard has more merchants.

2.Mobile Applications:

Both Visa and Master Card have mobile apps. It helps you with any business-related to using your card. However, the visa has more apps and perhaps are better rated.

Since neither visa nor MasterCard issues cards. you should check on the specific cards themselves in order to make a proper choice that suits your needs. Otherwise these are the big things to know if anybody asks you which is better.


I hope now you might have an idea about how they actually works are what are differences . Many people prefer to user Mastercard while other visa and apart from these two there are other many credit and debit cards which people but these are commonly used. They can be used for every purpose. We write article everyday about all the stuff related to it. Please let us know if you have any question or suggestion . We love to hear feedback form you. Don’t hesitate to ask us.Thanks.

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